Cowboys and Comanches on the Great Western Trail: A Time to Heal

Oct 8, 2021
12:25 PM
Will Cradduck
Longhorns like those driven along the trail, now found at Fort Griffin State Historic Site (Albany, Texas)

Former warriors from opposing cultures met in a tenuous peace as Texans, whether white, black, or brown, pushed their cattle past Doan's Store on the south side of Red River west of present Vernon, Texas, where a ford over what the Comanches called "the big sandy" made it easy to cross onto the Kiowa, Comanche, Apache Reservation. read more

Concrete Obelisks Mark the Trail

Oct 8, 2021
12:11 PM
Sample installed obelisk

Businesses, organizations, and Rotary Clubs raised funds to mark the Great Western Cattle Trail with concrete obelisks.

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Along the Great Western Cattle Trail

Oct 8, 2021
11:56 AM
The Texas portion of the Great Western Cattle Trail

Texas trail drivers were engaged in a lucrative business. Learn about their lives, expenses, and potential rewards.

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A Brief History of The Great Western Cattle Trail

Oct 8, 2021
11:44 AM
The Great Western Cattle Trail

The Great Western Cattle Trail saw over seven million cattle and horses pass through Texas and Oklahoma to railheads in Kansas and Nebraska – an important factor in developing the cattle industry as far north as Wyoming and Montana. It was longer in length and carried cattle for two more years than the Chisholm Trail.

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